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Knee High Side Cable Socks

05-4107 $32.00
  • from Lisa B.
  • made in the USA from a yarn blend of content: 33% merino wool, 30% nylon, 23% viscose, 8% cashmere, 6% angora.
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1997 is a special year for me.
it's the year i began my own pursuit of happiness - creating lisa b. - a classic and elegant, yet down to earth footwear line...

at the time, my husband, rem, was in graduate school and we were living in a tiny apartment in Manhattan. i was working for Kenneth Cole and the opportunity to develop my own personal sandal collection presented itself to me.
rem (who has since accompanied me every time i introduce a new product) came with me to present my first lisa b. sandal capsule collection - the simplest of designs - at the WSA Show in Las Vegas. i cannot describe the nerves we all felt; myself, rem and the incredible factory who helped to make this happen. but the butterflies were short lived. we could not believe the response lisa b. sandals were getting. we came home with orders from some of the top retailers in the country - orders large enough to begin production immediately.

lisa b. was born.
after Vegas rem and i thought a lot about the direction our lives were going in, and we realized it was time to pursue our dreams. i knew i wanted to develop and expand the lisa b. line.

we made the decision to move back to rural Pennsylvania where we could slow down the pace of life, and return to our roots. it was the perfect setting for lisa b. to grow.
what could go better than socks and shoes?

a short time later, i came across a beautiful wool/cashmere blended yarn and lisa b. socks took shape. the more i evolve in my work, the more i realize i want to make clothes and accessories that people will keep in their closet for a long time. i want to create items that you don’t tire of, that make you feel good when you put them on. i want my collection to fulfill a need, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull and boring. beauty and function are equally important.
my collection will continue to evolve as my life and my experiences continue to grow. but the down to earth woman who started this line, will always remain.

with love,
lisa b.

wonders never cease