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A Benefit for DC Public Libraries CD


Proper Topper presents 10 great DC bands performing in support of DC Public Libraries. The story: Fire devastated our local library in the spring of 2007. A huge void was created in the community. That made us think about the enormous role DC Public Libraries play throughout the city--and about the fragile state of many of them. It made us want to put on a show. We called some musician friends, literary sorts all, and one thing led to another. A CD (and a concert!) was born.

Since launching in October 2007 with a benefit performance at the 9:30 Club, more than 1,000 CDs have been sold. The artists whose songs appear here donated their work; Gypsy Eyes Records and The Federal Reserve Collective contributed the use of their artists' works; Proper Topper donated all production and distribution costs. 100% of proceeds continue to go to the DC Public Library Foundation to strengthen and enhance collections and programs in libraries throughout our city. If you haven't visited your local library lately, hurry onover! Great things are happening there. Oh, and--our Georgetown Library re-opened better, stronger and more beautiful than ever in October, 2010.

Listen, enjoy--and read!

The bands/songs:
Revival - "Fog Rolling In"
Kitty Hawk - "Some Kind of Monster"
Vandaveer - "Roman Candle"
These United States - "So High, So Low, So Wide, So Long"
Mikal Evans - "Holding On To"
Brandon Butler - "Fire and The Wheel"
Shortstack - "House on Fire"

wonders never cease