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A Sherry & A Little Plate of Tapas


Meet sherry. It's one of the world's oldest wines, and it's rapidly reclaiming its title as one of the world's most fashionable, too. In A Sherry & A Little Plate of Tapas, Kay Plunkett-Hogge tells its story, introducing the five key types of sherry, a selection of sherry cocktails and some tips on the best food-and-sherry pairings. Kay then offers 80 easy-to-make tapas recipes for the home cook, including classic croquetas and tortillaspintxos or 'things on sticks', and more substantial tapas inspired by contemporary cooks and chefs across Spain. Oh...and there's a couple of sherry-based desserts, too. So pour yourself a cold glass of Fino and plan your next soirée.

  • hardcover
  • 224 pages
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