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wonders never cease Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What Does Mom Want?

The eternal mystery for dads and kids everywhere: WHAT DOES MOM WANT? Still wondering? Here are my top picks, straight from my own mom brain: 1) time with family, 2) no more rain for a bit, and 3) an end to election season. But, golly ...  how to wrap?

I also know that any of these under-$100 goodies would be quite well-received, too. And we happen to be standing by to wrap up for MOM.

1. PRETTY CANDLES, delightfully scented, in beautiful gold or silver-splashed glass jars. (They've quite a nice story behind them, too.) Mom will adore them. Promise.

2. A PERFECT SUMMER DRESS,  made by artisans in fair-trade co-ops in India and Nepal, 100% breathable cotton.  All are washable, darling, and under $100. And: moms love pockets.

3. A SUN HAT, for all that relaxing on the beach (ha!). OK, more likely: gardening, farmers' market-ing,  running errands. Mom'll love the practicality and glam rolled up in one great gift. And most can literally be rolled up, by the way!

4. HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY crafted by -- you!  And her. This kit from one of our favorite jewelry makers includes everything you need to make glorious, one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry.

5. A HEAD WITH A CROWN OF FLOWERS Heddy the Handmade Head Vase! This one has a long backstory ... more in our next blog installment ... but here's the finished product, currently starring in our window display. And, truly, any sort of handmade project will be so appreciated. Give it a go! (Just have a lot of cleaning products on hand, and DO tidy up after yourself! That might be Mom's #1 gift.)


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i love the handcrafted jewelry!

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wonders never cease