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wonders never cease Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th, 2009 the beret redux: please handle properly.

2009-02-20 Delon in beret In our continuing tribute to the beret, we present this inspirational shot of Alain Delon. How artistic! How French! How lovely. Unfortunately, many berets each year are mishandled, perched precariously atop the crown, flat as a pancake but far less enticing. Worse still, some are worn with misguided flourishes. Witness J Lo's unfortunate side-pony-with-beret look. (This photo could prove disturbing for beret lovers, be prepared to avert your eyes). jennifer-lopez-side-ponytail-hairstyle-with-beret You have one more day to enter our Great Beret Give-Away. Tell us about your favorite beret wearer! (Leave comment.) Winners can be sporting a chic new (free) beret in no time.


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