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wonders never cease Thursday, October 28, 2010

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27th, 2010 sixteen sweet ones for the birthday girl!

AnnaandLucy October 27th presents us with a bit of a dilemma. It's the "us" part of us that causes the problem. See, we do these weekly play lists like we're a collective body or mind, but, most weeks, it's just a guy sitting in his office, sharing his music choices and themes with the readers of this blog, be they four or four thousand (usually somewhere between, "we" presume). We (I) put the play lists out there and hope that another human being enjoys what we (I) have done and that the music has enriched your days, as music is crafted to do. I (we) personalize this, not because I'm (we're) seeking praise or thanks or reward for my (our) labor of love. Have the split subjects become tiresome for you yet? They have for me, so I shift to the first person singular to make my point. I do the weekly play list because I enjoy it, and I delight in the idea of sharing music that pleases me with our readers. Our in-house opera singer, Tara, contributes sporadically and offers a refreshing break from my singular musical viewpoint, as do music professionals who've been kind enough to contribute guest lists on occasion. That said, I have claimed this week as mine and mine alone, because today is the birthday of my beloved wife, who is the mind, body and soul of the Proper Topper, our fearless and peerless leader. In every way, she completes me, and the joy and meaning that she has brought to my life are what drive me each and every day. I'll never quite wrap my head around how I managed to trick her into accepting me as her husband. On this day, as every other, I am thankful for her and try to be a better person because of her. This week's play list is all for her. Happy Birthday, Anna!

1. Sting - I Was Brought To My Senses
"I was brought to my senses, I was blind. Now that I can see, every sign post in nature says you belong to me, I know it's true. It's written in the sky as blue, as blue as your eyes..."

2. Nobody Knows Me - Lyle Lovett
"I like cream in my coffee, I like to sleep late on Sunday. Nobody knows me like my baby. I like eggs over easy, with flour tortillas..."

3. Paul Westerberg - Born For Me
"The heaviest head and the emptiest hands, you'll be safe in the light when we kiss, when we breathe. You were born for me, beautiful and blue. "

4. Lovin' in my Baby's Eyes - Taj Mahal
"Day may be cloudy or sunny, we're either in or we're out of the money. I'm with you always. I'm with you rain or shine."

5. Question - Old 97s
"Someday someone is going to ask you a question that you should say yes to, once in your life. Maybe tonight, I've got a question for you..."

6. Your Song - Elton John
"I hope you don't mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is while you're in the world."

7. Nothing Matters When We're Dancing - The Magnetic Fields
"Nothing matters when we're dancing, in tattered tatters you're entrancing, be we in Paris or in Lansing, nothing matters when we're dancing."

8. You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You - Dean Martin
"You're nobody 'til somebody loves you, so find yourself somebody to love.”

9. Some Kind of Wonderful - Grand Funk Railroad
"I don't need a whole lot of money. I don't need a big fine car. I got everything that a man could want. I got more than I could ask for."

10. Something - The Beatles
"Something in way she knows, and all I have to do is think of her."

11. Come Rain or Come Shine - BB King and Eric Clapton
"Day may be cloudy or sunny, we're either in or we're out of the money. I'm with you always. I'm with you rain or shine."

12. Be Here Now - Mason Jennings
"You are the love of my life. Be here now, no other place to be. All the doubts that linger, just set them free. And let good things happen and let the future come into each moment like a rising sun."

13. You're In My Heart - Rod Stewart
"My love for you is immeasurable, my respect for you immense. You're ageless, timeless, lace and fineness, you're beauty and elegance."

14. Once In a Lifetime - Talking Heads
"This is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife..."

15. I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie
"If heaven and hell decide that they both are satisfied. Illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs. If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks, then I'll follow you into the dark."

16. All I Want Is You - U2
"All the promises we made, from the cradle to the grave, when all I want is you."

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