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wonders never cease Thursday, November 25, 2010

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24th, 2010 Some Things We Are Thankful For And Some Things We Could Do Without

charliebrownthanksgivingpopcorn Life is good. Sometimes we need to be reminded. Nothing reminds us faster than a spending a nice relaxing day surrounded by the people we love. Smells pouring out of a warm kitchen, building anticipation for an upcoming feast. It’s always rewarding to reflect on the good things in life. Here are a few of the things we'll be thinking of as we try to remember to leave room for pie.

Five things we’re thankful for: 1. THANKSGIVING “Be Thankful for What You’ve Got” – William DeVaughn
How cool is it that we’ve set aside a day to celebrate how good life is? And that, after we’ve finished reflecting on the wonderful joys in our lives, we sit down to feast with the people we love? Thanksgiving is a good idea, and for that we are thankful. This is a good song, and for that we are thankful.

2. NATURE “Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth” – Neko Case
From the birds and the bees to the slugs and the worms, we never cease to marvel at the glory of the natural world. Even a dreary, drizzly day like today washes the red and gold and orange leaves into beautiful moving mosaics flowing along the curb…

3. CUSTOMERS “Keep the Customer Satisfied” – Simon and Garfunkel
In these uncertain economic times, we are grateful and flattered that enough of you keep returning to our shop to help us keep this party afloat. We are immensely grateful for each and every one of you. We rue the loss of our beloved Georgetown space, but we’re hopeful that we'll find a new space that suits us even better.

4. MUSIC “Sir Duke” – Stevie Wonder
Music inspires our weekly list and so much more in our lives; it’s the pigment in the paint on the canvas of our lives, and this song reminds us why we are thankful for it, because, as Stevie says, “Music knows it is and always will be one of the things that life just won’t quit… You can feel it all over.”

5. CREATIVITY “Must I Paint You a Picture” – Billy Bragg
We felt that mentioning only music might slight the greater artistic community – and that made us reflect on how thankful we are for them, too. We couldn’t imagine life without the rest of the brilliant creators in the world , because we love their sculptures and designs and paintings and books and sketches and plays and recipes and – well, you get the idea. Thanks to all that inspires all of you to continue to inspire us. Cheers!

OK. Even on Thanksgiving, things aren’t always sunshine & rainbows. Five things we’re NOT thankful for: 1. SWINE FLU “Pig” – Weezer
Glad it's so last year. Swine flu is unpleasant. Leave those pigs alone, people. This song tells the abbreviated life story of pork from the pig’s perspective. It does make us grateful we’ll have turkey tomorrow.

2. WAR “War Pigs” – Cake
A band named after dessert food is fitting for this holiday, and their cover of the Black Sabbath anti-war classic is terrific. Ozzy knew what Edwin Starr was singing about. It should be pointed out that rhyming “masses” with “masses” is really taking the easy way out.

3. CRIME “It Takes a Thief” – Thievery Corporation
DC’s prime DJ duo lay down a smooth, sweet track that would chill out the most determined shoplifter. It was difficult to pass over play-list- perennials’ These United States since their brilliant second album is named Crimes, but Thievery are local, too. Just because they’re international superstars doesn’t mean we don’t still love ‘em at home.

4. PARTISAN RANCOR "Gimme Some Truth" - Generation X
We’ve had enough of the politicians with their preening press conferences and knee-jerk partisan hatchet jobs. They have a chance to actually accomplish some things to improve the lives of their constituents. Instead of building their war chests and burying the facts in distortions and platitudes, they should sit down and find a way to improve our country. We would all be thankful for that.

5. GENERAL HOSTILITY “Carol Brown” – Flight of the Conchords
While it may be trickling down from our elected officials, our nation seems to be sinking into a murky mess of intolerance and incivility. Why can’t we all just get along? We’re all in this together, folks, and it isn’t going to get any easier if we keep a-fussin’ and a-fightin’. Let’s hope these words don’t need to be repeated at dinner tomorrow. (Remember to compliment the chef.)

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