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wonders never cease Wednesday, May 30, 2012


In honor of the USA v. Brazil soccer game this evening and in anticipation of Brazilian designer Lidianny Braga's soon-to-arrive-in-our-shop summer frocks, we give you an ode to that beautiful country below the equator. {And if you're looking for a flashy dish to go with the game, check out the recipe for bacalhau à baiana in our new favorite cookbook, Signature Dishes from around the World.}

1. Brazil - Official Trailer
We couldn't resist a little taste of Terry Gilliam's 1985 satirical/science fiction/{what the hell is this movie??} classic.

2. Brazil - Pink Martini
Now that the title theme from Brazil is stuck in our heads, let's hear a full version.

3. Homme - Brazilian Girls
It's hard to pick just one tune from the Brazilian Girl's self-titled debut album that is reminiscent of relaxing in a Brazilian lounge, so here's our favorite. Can't you just see yourself in the tropical heat, sipping a caipirinha?

4. All Things Good and Nice - Jets to Brazil
Quite a change of pace now from American alt-rockers Jets to Brazil. Fun fact: the name of the band was inspired by a poster in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.

5. Brazil - Deadmau5
A tune with a nod to Ary Barroso's original, if only by the title, from Canadian producer/DJ Joel Thomas Zimmerman.

6. Wrapped Around Your Finger - Brazil
A Police original {and classic, to be sure}, but this cover has a fun punk edge.

7. Berimbau - Brazilian Lounge Project
Not too much explanation needed here. They're Brazilian. They're lounge-y. That's more than enough to qualify for this play list.

8. Alma Brasileira - Yo Yo Ma
A haunting piece by Villa-Lobos, performed by the perfect Yo Yo Ma.

9. Drivin' Down Brazil - Donna Summer
Please excuse the quality of the recording here, but in light of Summer's recent passing, we'll take what we can get.

10. Aquarela do Brasil - Orquestra Tabajara
Back to the original.

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