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wonders never cease Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31st, 2010 play list of the week: a little spring for your step

[caption id="attachment_3593" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="click to listen"]2006-Jefferson-Memorial[1][/caption]Ladies and gentlemen, spring has sprung. Passover's begun, Easter's upon us, the trees are in bloom and temperatures are climbing day after day. (Be careful out there: snapping this photo required perching precariously under/among thousands of sturdily-shod Cherry Blossom Celebrants.) Summer will be heating up before we know it, so let's celebrate this glorious season before it's too late. This week's play list is all about spring and the sense of wonder it inspires. Dig your bare toes into a nice patch of green grass and enjoy this Easter-dyed dozen songs:

1. You Can Never Hold Back Spring - Tom Waits
This guy just knows his way around the art of wordsmithery. If Tom Waits wrote "wordsmithery" into one of his songs, you'd accept it as the right word for the occasion. "Remember everything that spring can bring. You can never hold back spring."

2. Springtime Is the Season - Of Montreal
A deceptively-named band from Athens, Georgia, brought to the masses by the good folks at Elephant Six. "Your life might not be going good, but spring helps you to pretend."

3. Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles
A song written by George Harrison and recorded without John Lennon, who'd been injured in a car accident.

4. Spring Rain - The Go-Betweens
This song provided the first chart hit for the criminally underappreciated indie band from Brisbane, Australia. Perhaps they were thinking about their own lack of commercial success when they ask "When will change come, just like spring rain, falling down like love?"

5. Beautiful Day - U2
Bono's carpe diem makes a clarion call for the hope and renewal that can be found in a glorious spring day.

6. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy) - Simon & Garfunkel
This song has to be about a perfect spring day because no one would feel groovy crossing the Queensborough Bridge on a sweltering NYC summer day.

7. 1234 - Feist
A nice song about rebirth and renewal. The video has dancers in bright monchromatic outfits, joyfully popping around a sparkly blue Leslie Feist like eggs in a basket.

8. Daydream - Lovin' Spoonful
This title track from Lovin' Spoonful's second album reached number two on the billboard charts in 1966 and was also a hit for British pop act Right Said Fred in 1992.

9. Energy - The Apples In Stereo
Elephant Six founder and Apples frontman Robert Schneider must have been grooving on a nice spring day when he came up with this sunny tune. "And the world is made of energy, and there's a light inside of you, and there's a light inside of me."

10. Spring Fever - Elvis Presley
The King shows what all the fuss was about in the 1965 spring break film Girl Happy with "Spring fever, my heart's beating fast. Get up, get out, spring is everywhere."

11. Springtime in Vienna - The Tragically Hip
Canadian rockers sing about piss-posts and paradoxes and really don't sound at all like they're singing about spring.

12. Easter Parade - Bing Crosby
From the classic film Holiday Inn, Crosby remakes the Irving Berlin tune from the hugely successful film of the same name. (More Easter Paradery below.)

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