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wonders never cease Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24th, 2010 play list of the week: who'll say a few words about steve mcqueen?

[caption id="attachment_3522" align="alignleft" width="245" caption="click to listen"]bullitt-steve-mcqueen-art1[/caption]{UPDATE, 3.31: NO ONE submitted a Play List! What?!? Mmm-hmmm, our Play List Champs stared you down, didn't they? Oh, well, some Bullitt type like Tom Weyman, guest author of our February 3rd List, will step up again soon enough. Meanwhile, you guys blew your chance to ascend the Play List mount alongside Joe & Tara.}

Our Play Lists, I proudly assert, are unparalleled little masterpieces. (I have composed nary a one, so I'm at liberty to shamelessly boast.) The more knowledgable about music our readers are, the more they enjoy the compilations of interesting artists/titles/wry observations/arcane facts.

This week, we offer a chance for you, our loyal readers, to take a turn: who wants to create this week's Play List? Subject: Steve McQueen. (He was born 80 years ago today.) The List should contain 10 songs, title & artist, with a brief bit of amusing and/or enlightening narrative. Check out previous Play Lists like last week's Erin Go Braugh or the previous week's Call Me ... or do a little search of Play List category. (As if you didn't have them all framed on your wall...) Submit the list as a comment to this post or via email to by Sunday evening, March 28th.

The author of our favorite List will win a $50 Proper Topper gift certificate. Plus the glory of being published along side our Play List masters Joe & Tara.

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