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wonders never cease Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17th, 2010 play list of the week: erin go braugh.

[caption id="attachment_3474" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="click to listen"]ireland[1][/caption]Happy Saint Patrick's Day! What good luck, this favorite holiday falling on Wednesday, our weekly play list day. Here's your pot of gold:

1. Almost Irish - Ceann Clever guys from Pittsburgh send up the "Irish For a Day" syndrome with gentle humor, "I'm almost Irish, and I hope almost is good enough for you. And I'm mostly, mostly Irish. Ok mostly I'm American, it's true. Maybe the little bit of Irish in me can be the little bit of Irish in you." 2. Danny Boy - Eva Cassidy The classic old Irish tearjerker, delivered beautifully by this DC native with the voice of an angel; the sad song is made sadder by the fact that the singer died tragically young. 3. The Wild Rover - The Pogues It's tough to narrow it down to one Pogues song for this list, but we settled on this traditional. It really suits Shane MacGowan's vocal stylings. 4. Finnegan's Wake - Johnny Logan The classic story of the Irish everyman who comes back to life when whiskey spills on his open coffin. This song inspired one of the great works of modern literature, James Joyce's novel of the same name. Not an easy read, but worth the effort if you're looking for a St. Patrick's Day homework assignment. 5. Irish Girls Are Pretty (Sean) - The Proclaimers Scottish twins pass down their wisdom and love of Irish girls and Elvis Presley. 6. The Unicorn Song - Keith "Rockerbob" Lewis This is a Shel Silverstein poem set to music that has absolutely nothing to do with Ireland or Irish culture, yet somehow it's nearly impossible to escape an Irish pub without hearing this song - or at least a request for it. 7. Whiskey In the Jar - Thin Lizzy These boys from Dublin really broke through with this rendition of the old pub tune. Other notable versions of this traditional were recorded by Metallica, Jerry Garcia, U2, The Pogues, Pulp, and Belle and Sebastian. 8. True Irishman - Saoirse Irish Band Another ode to being Irish away from Ireland, a song that justly serves itself up for playing at least once a year. 9. Nancy Whiskey - The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Chronicling of an Irish love affair with uisce beatha or the water of life. 10. The Orange and The Green - The Irish Rovers A comical recounting of sectarian strife and the damage it did to a family's relations. Did we mention that it's comical? 11. God Save Ireland - The Dubliners An Irish anthem celebrating the memory of Irish freedom fighters who were hung for their role in the Irish freedom movement. The chorus might give an occupying nation a bit of unease, with lyrics like "God save Ireland!" said the heroes; "God save Ireland" said they all. Whether on the scaffold high or the battlefield we die, Oh, what matter when for Erin dear we fall!

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