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wonders never cease Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30th, 2010countdown to fireworks.

tiffenOn this, the last day of June, we turn to that upcoming and oh-so-American (literally) holiday, the 4th of July. Surely you've already planned your picnic menus and where you'll be camped out for the fireworks and just how much bug spray and beer you'll need to truly celebrate our country's independence, but you may have forgotten your tiffen (above). "What's a tiffen?" you say? The tiffen (meaning "light lunch") is a handy-dandy (and look how cute!) tin-and-plate set, prevalent in Mumbai, and used to hold the lunches of working Indian men. (Just a little lexicographical history for you, there.) So for a stylish, eco-conscious alternative to 7-11's styrofoam cooler, maybe opt for something tiffen-y. It will better reflect the fireworks.


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