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wonders never cease Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WEDNESDAY, JULY 7th, 2010beat the heat (part 3)…

victorianfan...with a fan. Find an antique or make your own, but do take the time to learn the language: * To ask for a kiss, hold the fan to your lips. * Resting the fan on your right cheek signals "yes," on your left signals "no." * Hiding your eyes behind an open fan says, "I love you." * To ask someone to wait for you, simply open wide the fan. * To schedule a rendez-vous, display the number of sticks that correspond with the hour at which you will meet. * And if the rendez-vous is particularly illicit, cover your left ear with the open fan to say, "Do not betray our secret." (If your partner isn't versed in the secret language of fans, you'll have to make do with verbal communication. Or semaphores.)


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