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wonders never cease Wednesday, July 27, 2011

did you hear?

Washingtonian magazine cites us as one of DC's best gift shops. Thank you, Washingtonian, for the props:

From quirky cookbooks and unusually scented candles to a small but carefully curated collection of baby clothing from Imoga, Zutano, and Kate Quinn Organics, owner Anna Fuhrman has created one-stop shopping at its best. The store once was all about hats---and still carries them for both men and women---but these days bestsellers include English tea towels by Poppy Treffry printed with smiling peas or sweetly rendered cupcakes.

And, we will humbly pile on: we do have a particularly fine selection of dinner-party/baby-shower/engagement-party/birthday-shindig/baptism/weekend-at-a-friend's-beach-house/etc. ---whew! -- choices at the moment. Now, pardon us while we ice down our back-patting arms and go take a rest on our laurels.


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