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wonders never cease Thursday, February 18, 2010

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17th, 2010people all over the town, it's time to get on board: join the sty

theodysseyiiiinwashingtondcAfter weeks in the deep freeze, everyone in this oft-contentious town can come together on one issue: a party is in order.

Since the purpose of this particular party is to celebrate the 2009 BDL:DC List of 16, so selected on the basis of inspiring Style & Originality, and since our fun-loving friends at Brightest Young Things put the cruise together, you can bet this will be A Party To Remember. It's not too late to get on board. Call us for details, 202 333 6200.

If you're too far away or too out-of-sorts for a lovely party (what?!? well, yeah, a 5-hr commute can do that), don't fret. We'll have reports and photos and blow-by-blow follow-up here and on brightestyoungthings. And, over at BDL:DC, we'll continue the conversation about people who brighten the landscape here in our city with Style and Originality. Staaay Tuned. List1


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