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wonders never cease Thursday, December 30, 2010

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 29th, 2010 somebody's six already?

LoveLuce Six years ago today, at 3:33 PM, a very musical girl entered the scene. Our little Lucy turns six years old today. She doesn't know it yet but she's one step closer to being legally employable in the shop. Legality aside, we put her to work picking out this week's playlist. We edited out an abundance of Shrek and Phineas & Ferb songs and pass on to you what was left for your enjoyment. Happy Birthday, Lucy! Thanks for all the joy and wonder you bring to our lives. Keep up the good work, we're all very proud of you. By the way, can we interest you in the songs of Bob Marley or The Magnetic Fields? A kid cannot live on Beatles songs alone...

1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles
This is one Beatle-loving kid. She could easily have cranked out a top 20 favorite Beatles list and tortured herself over which songs had to get axed.

2. Signal In The Sky (Let's Go) - Apples In Stereo
The theme to The Powerpuff Girls seems appropriate for a little girl, but she's actually not watched the show. She's a big Apples In Stereo fan, however, and was not thrilled when our pal Eric Allen is crushed by the monster in this video.

3. Daughter - Louden Wainwright III
Every father and daughter should try to sit together and enjoy this sentimental homage from Martha and Rufus' dad before they get old enough appreciate the wistful qualities woven in.

4. We Got The Beat - The Go-Gos
What little girl doesn't love to rock out to The Go-Gos?

5. God Monkey Robot - The Apparitions
This is a great song from a great band, but inclusion in the list has to be related to the elaborate father-daughter dance that she constructed to the surreal lyrics.

6. Get Up Offa That Thing - James Brown
After hearing this classic, she wonders aloud how anyone could hear this and not be moved to dance. I think The Godfather of Soul would agree.

7. The Worst Pirate Song - Ceann
A love of all things pirate waged war with her budding girl-power inclinations, so the video footage of Elizabeth Swann ruling the Caribbean put this song over the top.

8. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Julie Andrews
It must have been tough for this little play actor to choose her favorite Julie Andrews song, since the soundtracks for both Mary Poppins and The Sound of music have practically been worn out.

9. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard - Paul Simon
She had a hard time deciding between Cecilia, At the Zoo, and this classic. Sorry Garfunkel, but I believe that the story of Mama Pajama just wins out for every kid.

10. Real Gone - Sheryl Crow
This song featured prominently in Cars, a much loved Pixar film, and set a standard of cool chick that was tough to live up to.

11. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again) - Sly and The Family Stone
All right, we might have let in a little Shrek influence slip through, but we picked the original version here. (Always polite, Lucy thought "thank you falettin me be maself" were the magic words from age 2 - 4ish.)

12. Come Dancing - The Kinks
A little girl who loves to dance can't resist this stroll down memory lane.

13. Can You Picture That? - Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem
And Lucy continues the tradition of ending the play list with a song from The Muppets. Nice work, Kiddo.

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