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wonders never cease Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16th, 2009 give 'em something good to chew on.

littlealouette3aOn the 10th day before Christmas...wonderful wooden toys for the wee ones. Each teether, rattle or toy is handmade in Ohio of locally-sourced hardwoods and finished with certified organic flax seed oil (or, when possible, left unfinished altogether!). Little Alouette's owners, a couple who began small - making toys for their own wee ones - describe the production process thusly: "all the wood is usually surrounded by cups of tea, laughing children, and disco music, so each product will come to you infused with love and bliss!" Who wouldn't want to give a gift born in such delightful circumstances?littlealouette2-794685


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