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wonders never cease Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15th, 2010advice for the gift-lorn: the mind-molder.

giftlorn11A tricky query for those few days before school's out...

Dear Gift-Lorn,

Our little smarty has had an exemplary academic year, and we owe most of it to her dedicated and diligent teacher. How do we express our thanks with more than an apple?

-(The Next) Einstein's Parents

Dear EP,

What a pickle! And yes, it sounds like more than an apple is in order for the hand that guides your little one's budding genius.

How about a sleep mask to sooth teacher's tired eyes and a sweet little journal for her to record her dreams? maskandjournal
Or maybe something to cozy-up her winter commute?
Or, for something that's so much more than an apple, tuck a little gift certificate into this:
But ultimately, seeing a student's success is a teacher's greatest reward.

Happy holidays,
-Gift Lorn


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