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wonders never cease Thursday, August 26, 2010

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25th, 2010nine songs for the producer of 9

burton Loyal readers of this blog already know that we adore filmmaker Tim Burton. We hosted a premiere party for his latest blockbuster film, Alice in Wonderland, and have employed our forum to take every opportunity to sing his praises. Today is his 52nd birthday, so it should come as no surprise that we devote our play list of the week to his body of work, especially since most of it has been written by Danny Elfman, who has also long been a favorite of ours. Happy birthday, Mr. Burton: May you keep making films for the next 52 years! Here are nine songs from eight terrific films.

1. Sweeney Todd - My Friends - Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter
The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is reunited with his old razors in this gory melodrama. Depp won a Golden Globe award and was nominated for an Oscar for this role despite his lack of singing experience.

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Veruca Salt - Danny Elfman
"Veruca Salt, the little brute, has just gone down the garbage chute..." Oompa Loompas sound great when voiced by Danny Elfman.

3. Big Fish - Man Of The Hour - Pearl Jam
Eddie Vedder and pals sing for the closing credits in this emotionally charged track that captures the film's Oedipal conflict.

4. Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack's Lament - Danny Elfman
Jack Skellington has peaked and looks to move on to something new and fresh. He winds up horning in on Santa's turf in this stop motion animated masterpiece.

5. Alice in Wonderland - The Lobster Quadrille - Franz Ferdinand
Classic Carroll performed by Glaswegian alt-rock heroes named after a racehorse.

6. Corpse Bride - Remains of the Day - Danny Elfman
Bonejangles' song fills in plot details, explaining the background story for Emily, the Corpse Bride.

7. James and the Giant Peach - Family - Randy Newman
The giant insects give James the comfort and assurance that he has been lacking, making him feel needed and loved for the first time in a long time.

8. Sleepy Hollow - Tree of Death - Danny Elfman
An example of Elfman at his cinematic best, with a sweeping somber piece that embodies the creepy subject matter and builds to the events that move the story forward.

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas - Sally's Song - Catherine O'Hara
Beautiful and haunting ballad that captures the classic turmoil in Elfman's compositions and Burton's work.

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