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wonders never cease Wednesday, August 10, 2011

for virginia woolf.

On this day in 1912, Adeline Virginia Stephen married Leonard Woolf and soon became one of the most innovative writers of the English language. Her experimental fiction and astute non-fiction writings earned her a place in history, although the accolades she received in life were not enough to save her from her mental illness. So we look today to a happier day in Virgina Woolf's 49 years and coordinate some tunes with some of her works, should you need something to listen to whilst reading Mrs. Dalloway that isn't the motion picture soundtrack of The Hours. NOTE: These songs are mostly so amazing and obscure that we couldn't create a full play list on our virtual iPod nano. Please continue to enjoy the previous list's tracks when you press play.

1. "Four Portraits: Clarissa (Mrs. Dalloway)" - Guy Klucevsek
An accordian ode to 1925's Mrs. Dalloway.

2. "The Lighthouse" - Interpol
Would Ginny have been into American post-punk? Maybe, especially if the music paid homage to a fixture in her childhood memories. {for 1927's To the Lighthouse}

3. "Orlando" - Emily Barker
A folksy sailor song with a much different tone than Woolf's gender-bending, time-manipulating 1928 novel of the same year.

4. "Riding the Waves for Virginia Woolf" - Steve Harley
For The Waves {1931}, of course.

5. "The Years" - Sophie Zelmani
A melancholy tune, perfect for the last novel published in Virginia's lifetime, The Years.

6. "Between the Acts" - Daniel Land and the Modern Painters
For Woolf's posthumously published Between the Acts.

And a few for good measure...

7. "Virginia Woolf" - Indigo Girls and 8. "Virginia Woolf" - Ricky Ian Gordon
Because, well, obviously. They're about Virginia Woolf, so they must be included in this list.

9. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" - James Brown
A much more upbeat affair than the play, promise.

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