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wonders never cease Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WEDNESDAY, April 6th, 2011the importance of being packable.

travelhatboxSummer is nigh, and we're already planning our tropical get-aways (aren't we all?). But! What to do about your fabulous beach hat collection? Increasingly stringent airline policies dictate that you pack everything into as small of a bag as possible, so multiple hatboxes (and...a bird?!) are out of the question. You're oh-so-fortunate, then, that clever milliners offer a solution: the packable hat. Fold it, roll it, throw it in your bag---it'll bounce right back and won't look any worse for the wear when you make your beach debut. With the money you save on checked baggage, you can treat yourself to a couple (or order an extra cocktail from the cabana boy).


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