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wonders never cease Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WEDNESDAY, April 27th, 2011wills you be watching?

kate-middleton-fascinatorAnd, lo, the dark clouds of irony and skepticism parted, and we realized, YES, against all odds, we WERE still fascinated by royalty and ceremony and young Wills, son of Di. And so, here we are, planning a party for the crack of dawn on April 29th when HRH takes a commoner bride (who seems like she'd be great fun at a party). Our guests, mostly 6 and under, would rather be watching The Fresh Beat Band, I imagine, but will put up (one hopes) with me telling them how fondly they'll remember this moment years hence. We're going to offer them wedding biscuit cake and royal paper dolls and a fascinator or two, and we'll offer their parents a bit of this, and we'll hope that we still get to school on time. What are you planning? Do you have proper headwear? You're not too late! We've got ooooodles and oodles of items that will be smashing with your pjs -- and perfect at later-in-the-day events all summer long. In fact, tell us all about what you're planning and we'll give you a sweet discount on headwear for the event. Visit us over here at facebook for the 621107


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