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wonders never cease Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WEDNESDAY, April 13th, 2011a royal wedding: canine capers.

barbie_earringsWhen last we left Barbie Kate, she had received a mysterious Royal Invitation to a Royal Wedding that was not her own! What happened next? Thanks to loyal reader Lexi for submitting this perfectly charming plot twist:
Kate walked over to the table, as it was time for tea. As she added cream and jam to the freshly baked scone that she was presented with, she thought about this absurdity. Sara? She couldn’t think of anyone called Sara. She knew all of Harry’s friends, of course, and there wasn’t a single Sara in the mix. She pondered this, as she read the latest issue of Vogue, until she remembered! Sara was the newest of the Queen’s beloved corgis! She then realized that of course Harry was up to his usual mischief, and to bring in the corgis was truly clever. After all, what Royal Wedding is complete without a corgi???
Indeed! So, allow us to step into the story for a moment: So delighted was Kate with Harry's shenanigans that she decided to celebrate with a day at the shops. Now, back to you, dear readers: Do please narrate her escapades below for a chance to win a Proper Topper gift certificate! The chosen entrant will be entered in the contest, with a drawing on April 29, the day of the {non-Barbie} Royal Wedding.


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