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wonders never cease Tuesday, September 15, 2009

crying shame.

Ragweed Notes to self scribbled through tears: never say "I used to be bothered by ragweed - so glad I'm not any more!" (uttered 2 days ago, smugly); never wear eye cream in September (ouch!); never, ever hold a filled-to-the-brim cup of hot coffee during sneezing fit (ditto!).

Seasons past have proven that folks steer clear of Richter-scale-rated sneezes and don't really care when you explain, through tears and sniffling, "it's allergies, not a cold." Add Swine Flu panic and, poof! - previous unpopularity is raised to pariah status.

But it is a lovely plant, isn't it? (And talented: its pollen can travel as far as 400 miles, so - lucky you! - you may be affected by ragweed even if it doesn't grow nearby.) Good news: ragweed season ends with the first frost. Until then...tissues, please.


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wonders never cease