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wonders never cease Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6th, 2009 puzzle-me-this

conundrumPuzzles are everywhere. In nature, in life, on your kitchen table in 1000 jigsaw pieces. Take the beautiful conundrum star, for example. Follow the enclosed directions: lay two pieces A just so, layer with 2 pieces B, slip piece C in as lynchpin. And...wait. C isn't going in. The B's just fell apart. The A's aren't stacking properly. C is the WRONG SHAPE. Why won't the A's stay together?! Breathe. You'll get it. That's the great thing about puzzles: while you might not know the mysteries behind quantum physics or the meaning of life or how bees make such perfect honeycombs, you can always win a satisfying victory over tricky puzzle pieces. (Even if the pieces seem impossibly tricky.) It's not rocket science, after all.


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