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wonders never cease Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26th, 2010show time!

leaves3{Update, 10/29: With just 3 days left, and both a cold front & Halloween blowing in this weekend, our sale is getting lots of action! Hurry on over and get some while the gettin's good! We'll treat you with cider & cookies, and we won't trick you at all. 10:30 - 6:30 Sat, 11 - 4 Sun. The End.}
OK, the weather may be weird (80 degrees at the end of October?) and all heck may be breaking lose (moves! construction/destruction! marching & rallying & marathon election chatter!), but the leaf show is SPECTACULAR. Nature, you've outdone yourself.

Thoughts of fall fill our heads (never mind today's balmy temps!); pumpkins await carving; children young & old scheme up costumes; and all the cool kids are leaf-collecting as they stroll through the city. (We see you, with leaves peaking out of your pocket! Who can resist?)

As we trek east on P Street (spying a possible new locale for Proper Topper along the way ... do stay tuned!) in the process of Great Move, we're enchanted by Nature's grand show. It cheers us as we toil! It excites us for what's about to come! Chilly weather, parties & cider. And here in the shop, new treats are arriving daily, little gems that will make your life just a little more wondrous. La la la, life is grand. Thanks for the show, Nature!

(See our Ode to the Leaf tableau above: Cornel will soon be riffing on this theme, pressing her collection of found leaves, stringing and dusting with shiny magic, making shadow boxes, all to be shown off soon in a fabulous Dupont window display--another reason to swing by Connecticut Avenue!)

OH, and don't forget - our Moving Sale blazes on in Georgetown -- 5 more days!


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