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wonders never cease Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30th, 2010 advice for the gift-lorn: the quirky colleague.

giftlorn1Week Two of Advice for the Gift-Lorn brings us the following challenge from a distraught shopper:

Dear Gift-Lorn, My office decided to draw names for our holiday gift exchange (once again, despite my objections! I never know what to get these folks ... ). BUT. This year I actually have the opposite problem: I know exactly what this fellow wants, and I don't want to give it to him. He's my cubicle-mate, and, much to my daily chagrin, he collects and ADORES all things Star-Wars-related. What can I give him that steers him toward a new, more cubicle-complimentary collection?! (Under $30, nothing too racy, etc.) Fingers crossed, Carol in Cubicle C

Dear C Cubed, Heavens to Han Solo, Carol! It sound like you're trapped in the Death-Star trash compactor! But, we have the perfect solution for your sticky Star Wars situation: how about a FROG collection? Wait, wait, we heard you screaming, but really, we have such lovely frogs. Like: frog.s.pOr this:frog.sugar.bowlOr:frog.1

You'll be amazed how easily one of these fetching frogs will lead your Star-Wars devotee to a new love. Also, you might want to consider suggesting an Office Cubicle Exchange ...
Best of luck, and Happy Holidays!
-A.F. Gift-Lorn

Keep those gift queries coming our way! We live to serve. Come 3rd week in December, we'll have our own drawing to give one lucky entrant a $200 gift certificate! And, be sure to check back for the next Gift-Lorn installment, next Tuesday (if not before! So many gifts, so little time ...)


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