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wonders never cease Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24th, 2009 advice for the gift-lorn + gift stories (with happy endings!)

bright_bulbsOH, how we enjoy gift matchmaking, introducing just the right gifts to the perfect recipients. Especially the seriously-hard-to-buy-for ones. So (see light bulbs flashing!), we've just decided to put on our elf caps and share our finely-honed skills: announcing Advice for the Gift-Lorn. Send us your toughest cases - we love a challenge!

And, you better believe we also love a good Gift Story. Not just the O. Henry variety, but the sort that unfolds when you mix creativity + thoughtfulness + some really good stuff. Here at PT, we gather and swap these stories like trading cards. (Did you see Holly Thomas's "Present, perfect" feature in last Sunday's Washington Post Magazine - stories of favorite gifts, told by local notables, including {we are so honored!} us; these are stories to collect, to be sure!)

In fact, we love Gift Stories so much that we're going to stop hoarding and start telling them right here, regularly! And we want your stories, too! DO TELL: what are the favorite gifts you've given, or gotten? We want all the fun details and the reason it was so special. And don't forget to tell us about the reaction - we're always SO curious, for instance, to know how the gifts we've sent forth from our shop have been greeted out in the big world! Hop on down to the comments and dish. Or email us:


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