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wonders never cease Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hats off!: sara.

logoIt's Sara's turn to tout the man, the myth, the legend: Dave Dimmitt!
"My Dad is one of the funniest people I know."

Tell us more!
He's the kind of person that everyone can't help but like---someone that all babies think is hilarious and dogs love hanging out with.
fishingI love him because he taught me all the "dude stuff" that he and my brothers knew how to do---whether how to fish, chop wood, or when to yell at a football referee. He's game for any adventure (marathons, cross-country motorcycle road trips ... ) and is an excellent griller---I would go so far as to say that perfecting his slow-cooked ribs recipe is one of his passions. They are delicious!

jakemoonWhat would your ideal Father's Day include?
We won't be together this Father's Day, but if we were, our ideal day would look like this: we'd start out with breakfast at his favorite restaurant, Jake Moon in Clarksville, New York; window shop for motorcycles; look for $5 button-downs at Sally's; water his tomato plants; and, of course, end the day with some grilling and a gin martini on the deck with my mom. I hope he has a great Father's Day!

commonsensekitchenAnd his gift?
Don't look, Dad, but I'd definitely get him the Commonsense Kitchen cookbook. The chapter on sauces and relishes alone makes it the perfect gift!


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