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wonders never cease Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the adventures of amandier.

This is the story of a hat. A hat named Amandier.
bag_1There once was a shy little hat named Amandier. She was really quite beautiful when she let herself be seen, but she much preferred to roll herself up as tight as she could and hide in her favorite satchel.
bag_2But one day, while Amandier napped in the bright summer sun, a woman snatched her up and ran off to a magical fountain. The woman had heard that Amandier was the most lovely hat in all the land, so she whisked her away with the hopes of breaking her out of her timid shell.
Just look at that sly smile! The woman was determined to make Amandier a more gregarious, confident hat. She pulled the sleepy Amandier from her bag, careful not to wake her.
There! It was done! Amandier had been unfurled and was now gloriously shimmering in the noon-day sun. She preened with delight and stretched for all to see her finely woven raffia, her luxurious hue, her flexible brim. She knew she could roll herself back up to sleep, but that would be later, when the sun had set and all had gazed upon Amandier the Hat.

MORAL: It's never too late to be what you might have been---or so says George Eliot.


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