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wonders never cease Tuesday, July 24, 2012

friday fundraiser for a friend.

I have a wonderful friend named Michael Joel Hall {here to for referred to as MJH}. We've been friends for years, and I have always valued his friendship, his kindness, his loyalty, and his humor {refer to the upper right photo for an example}. Last Saturday night, my dear friend and his partner, Michael Roike, were brutally and senselessly attacked on their way home in the Eckington neighborhood of Northeast DC. This presumed hate crime by a gang of reckless teenagers left MJH in the hospital with a broken jaw and cheekbone. Unfortunately, MJH lacks the insurance necessary to pay for the extreme costs of hospitalization and reconstructive surgery. But with misfortune comes a silver lining: MJH is so beloved that his community has rallied to defray these costs and support him through his recovery. A paypal account has been activated for private donations, and many a fundraiser is being organized {join those Facebook pages here and here to be updated}.

For Proper Topper's part, Anna has declared this Friday, July 27 to be "Michael Joel Hall Day," wherein she will generously donate 10% of that day's total sales to the MJH fund. Please spread the word, stop by to shop, make a private donation, or join the Facebook groups in support of a beautiful man whose hideous attack has left us speechless and saddened. In the words of my friend Erica Martinson: "MJ, I know they broke your face, but they'll never break your spirit."

~ Tara


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