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wonders never cease Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, 2010 words we love: the pursuit of happiness

700179D"May you be happy always."

How simply lovely (and how uncharacteristically sunny of Balzac)! Happiness, so hard to describe, yet so often attempted.

This week's WORDS WE LOVE contest: "Tell us: what words best describe happiness (or the pursuit of such) for you?

Answer our weekly query in the form of a quote. The winning entry gets a set of 12 Quotable cards (perfect for sending your next note extolling happiness) AND a dozen Quotable cocktail napkins AND perhaps sees the winning quote memorialized on a card from our pals at Quotable Cards.


1. Tell us (by posting a comment here): What is your favorite quote about happiness? Oh, and - who is credited with first uttering those favorite words?
2. Enter by Friday, February 5th, at 1 pm EST. *EXTENDED TO SAT, FEB 6th, due to nationwide snowpocalypse!*
3. Watch here for the winner, announced on Tuesday. LAST WEEK'S WINNER: What an inspired group of readers we have! Our first weekly Words We Love contest garnered much response and enthusiasm (check out the great entries in the comments here), but, alas, we had to choose just one winner. So we asked the experts at Quotable Cards to weigh in. AND...the WINNER IS (drum roll)...LAUREN, who submitted gems by Schweitzer, Kerouac, and Beattie! Thanks to all who participated, and if your quote wasn't selected, you'll have plenty of chances! Starting with... this week's contest, of course!


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