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wonders never cease Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7th, 2010 advice for the gift-lorn: the capricious co-ed.

Advice for the Gift-Lorn, take three (and keep 'em comin'!):
Dear Gift-Lorn,
My beloved and precocious niece just switched her undergraduate major for the THIRD time: first graphic design, then costume history, and now...entomology. I can barely keep up with her changing interests, but I refuse to throw in the towel by stuffing her stocking with gift cards. What to get the girl who can't make up her mind?!
Awash Under Never-ending Tune-changing

Dear AUNT,
Take heart---it is the fickle mind that eventually finds its true passion (something many of us still search for). But until that glorious day, gift-giving will be an adventure. So why not take your darling relative on a stroll down her young memory's lane with a retrospective of her education? First up, graphic design (Stefan Sagmeister's witty and strange design compilation, Made You Look):
Next stop, costume design (vintage-inspired cashmere gloves that would have made Edith Head envious):
And finally, entomology (insect-inspired business card cases to spur a career in bug studies):
Wrap everything with a bow, AUNT, and you're heading to the holidays with a fool-proof package (but keep your ears open for next year's shift-of-focus)!
T.M. Gift-Lorn
Keep those gift queries coming our way! We live to serve. Come 3rd week in December, we’ll have our own drawing to give one lucky entrant a $200 gift certificate! And, be sure to check back for the next Gift-Lorn installment, next Tuesday (if not before! So many gifts, so little time …)


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