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wonders never cease Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28th, 2010wondering never ceases.

On Christmas morning, we (the elves and gift advisors here at Proper Topper) sigh a little sigh of relief, having chatted up and laughed with and advised so many shoppers, all sweetly questing for the perfect gifts to please their loved ones. And we wonder: how are all those gifts we packed up faring under other trees across the land? Do the folks opening the gifts know how much care & hope went into the choice? Does the sister in Vermont know how much her sister admires her and how amazing she thought she'd look in that skirt & jacket? Did the sweet young lad's new girlfriend in fact have pierced ears? Did Ralph love that cool book with his name on the cover?store.frontWe wait with bated breath for postings of happy endings!


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