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wonders never cease Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21st, 2010advice for the gift-lorn: baby people.

giftlorn11'Tis the season...

Dear Gift-Lorn,

I'm a 20-something single gal with no intentions of procreating any time soon, but it seems like ALL of my dear friends are pregnant or have new babies. I'm tempted to give up on gift-giving and chalk this all up to some weird cosmic phenomenon.
Or a pregnancy pact.
But I just can't. I've known some for years and years, and I still want to be a part of their new, child-ridden lives. So what can I give the babies? They'll grow out of clothing, so I hear, and I'd like these gifts to last (and perhaps to be enshrined in years to come, after I'm famous and have oodles of money and invent a cure for cancer). I'm eagerly awaiting your reply while drinking the bottle of wine that Sally and Kate and Jane can no longer share with me because they went and decided to get pregnant for Christmas.

-Boozy and Baby-Free This Season

Dear Boozy,

Don't fret, pet! Things can't stay the same, but they often change for the better (I'm sure someone said that somewhere). We have just the things you need!

Every parent is inundated with tons and tons of baby books, so try this little beauty from Rag + Bone Bindery. Personalize a few pages to ensure your place in baby's history (i.e. "I wish for you to be as brilliant and pretty as me" or something equally encouraging).

Why not inscribe a lovely volume of traditional fairy tales? (Maybe save the more violent stories for a yuletide of the future. Have you ever REALLY read "The Little Mermaid"?! Terrifying.)

Or a doorknob asleep/awake sign. (Just in case someone gets confused and thinks the crying baby is asleep.)

But my favorite? This sweet, sweet collage book. Its beautiful pages spark the imagination, and you could compose a truly lovely message to last for many, many holidays.

Look at that, Boozy. Gifts galore that will ensure your place in these itty bitty babies' lives. It'll mean a lot to the parents, too, especially if you save them a bottle of wine for next year.

Love and luck,


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