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wonders never cease Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14th, 2010advice for the gift-lorn: the benefactor.

giftlorn11We're entering the home stretch. But no need to panic: you've PLENTY of time to hunt & gather, and we're here to help. In fact, you have one more day to take advantage of our free shipping offer! Alrighty, on to this week's query:

Dear Gift-Lorn,

What oh what can I give the person who has given me so much? From sage philosophical guidance to stock tips, from how-to-navigate-tricky-personalities-in-business to how to raise a child, this person has given me such riches that I simply must pay tribute with a worthy holiday gift.

Can you throw me a lifeline?
- Grateful but Giftless in Georgetown

Dear Grateful,

How lucky you are to have such a benefactor/tress! Clearly, you've already found a place in his/her heart. Now you can further warm that heart with a classic gift signifying strength, knowledge, open-ended gratitude, like: a beautiful vessel from Middle Kingdom Porcelain(and throw in a lovely winter bouquet), a hand-carved wooden bowl (filled with pomegranates!), a set of cloth-bound & beautiful Penguin Classics (and a date to read by the fire), or a grand mirror made of vintage railroad ties (a reflection of your esteem).

Isn't it nice to give back to those who've given generously to you?

Gratefully yours,


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