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wonders never cease Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TUESDAY, April 5th, 2011a royal wedding: invitation intrigue.

royalweddinginvitationThe date had been set. The invitations painstakingly assembled and mailed. So imagine our Kate's surprise when, while traipsing about in her favorite purple dress and a new, shiny necklace (a gift! from America!), she received an invitation to a royal wedding that WAS NOT HER OWN? Don't let the smile fool you---she's not pleased.
A closer look reveals that her William's younger brother is beating them to the punch with an April wedding to one...Sara D?
"Perhaps this is a prank," Kate thought. "That's it! A mischievous neighborhood scamp left this in my postbox. How terribly droll." But was it a joke? Or had Harry and Sara been scheming all along? Tell us what happens next, dear readers, and then watch how the plot unfolds! If you submit a plot-line chosen to further Kate's story, you'll be entered for a chance to win a Proper Topper gift certificate (just in time to purchase your own royal finery). The choose-your-own-royal-wedding-adventure begins NOW!


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