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wonders never cease Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TUESDAY, APRIL 20th, 2010calling all hats!

tumblr_kw6nx4JO751qz9qooo1_500cam_latishaWe're gearing up for horse-race season (a.k.a. gloriously over-the-top hat season). The shops are brimming with gorgeous creations, some as big as the tables they're displayed upon. They beg to be on the scene, to be photographed, to be admired. Say: we'd love to admire photos of spectacular spring millinery on you or your chums or even total strangers. Send your favorite hat photos to, and we'll feature our picks. We'll reward the most fantastic finds with an exciting, hat-related prize. Happy hat hunting! lg_5120441_Outrageous_hat_photo_John_Fre


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