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wonders never cease Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TUESDAY, April 19th, 2011a royal honeymoon.

{Thanks to reader Shannon for narrating Barbie Kate's shopping spree last week! Read of her previous adventure here. And jump in with us now as we rejoin our Barbie/Kate, a week before the grand event ...}

The Royal Wedding is but days away, and mum is still the word regarding the honeymoon destination. So naturally, Barbie Kate has to be ready for any contingency. She'll surely include a packable hat and an all-purpose clutch in her luggage.
Once the locale is announced, she'll be fighting off the paparazzi at every turn (just look at that flash!).
Rumor has it that Jordan is one of the top contenders, so Kate might need a head scarf.
A more adventurous honeymoon potentially awaits the couple in South America.
{For which Kate will need a Brazilian wardrobe.}
Or Will might whisk her away to Kenya, the scene of their engagement. (But maybe not---the fauna seems to be getting the most focus here.)
Wouldn't it be a hoot if he surprised her with a trip to our very own Washington, DC? We can always dream...
But wherever they find themselves that weekend, we hope Barbie Kate has a moment to relax in the sun, free from royal bother, under the shade of a glorious hat.


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