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wonders never cease Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TUESDAY, APRIL 13th, 2010more abigail glaum-lathbury: a chat with washington post's jenn barger

storeevents_aglpostAbigail Glaum-Lathbury creates her clothing collections in Chicago. But the inventively-tailored, cleverly-tucked and sculptural pieces she designs look as if they hail from a wildly fashionable future. Inspired by both fabric and science, Glaum-Lathbury dresses confident, chic women. She’ll be showing her spring collection (and previewing fall) with us Friday from 5-8 p.m. and Saturday from 2-5 p.m. Jennifer Barger, the styles editor at Washington Post Express and the editor of Washington Post’s FW will be on hand to introduce her. Here’s her recent chat with the young designer.

Why’d you decide to become a designer?
I’ve always had a desire to make things, and clothing is just one vehicle for me. I also like to cook and garden and I build things. Give me a tool; I’ll make something.

Is designing a dress different from making a stew?
Well, they’re both about ingredients, testing and fiddling. You make a couple of variations until you’ve got something that looks the way you want it to look or tastes right.

What’s it like working in Chicago?
I don’t know that it matters where anybody is. But there is something nice about being away from the center of things, which can give you clarity of vision.

Your clothes have such lovely tailoring and detailing. Tell me more about that.
I think bodies are beautiful and I don’t like to swaddle them in fabric in an outrageous way — you lose the identity of the person. I think of making clothing as a sculptural process, and I try to think about how they look from all angles.

Who wears your clothes?
Women who have a strong sense of themselves, who aren’t worried about being told what to wear.

Some of your pieces, particularly the skirts, have dramatic detailing — high waists, cascading pleats. What should they be paired with?
They go really well with T-shirts! It’s like the push and pull of having a wildly shaped skirt with something as pedestrian as a tank top. If you have a balance, it isn’t too costumey.

What inspired your spring line?
I’m very fond of natural history and how things work. For spring, I was thinking about electricity, and the charts that show how electrons move through metals. That translated into my collection in three dimensions.

What about fall? Anything your are excited about?
I’m doing these robotic leather jackets with embellishments. They’re very ornate, and I can’t wait to wear them.

madeleine-vionnet_minceur_star_homeAny design heroes?
I’m an enormous fan of Vionnet. She had such an awareness of fabric as a medium.


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