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wonders never cease Thursday, September 8, 2011

blunt: the coolest umbrella ever, and the story behind it.

1999. Design engineer Greig Brebner stepped out of a doorway into the human rush hour of a London pavement, the blustery sky pockmarked with the first sprinkles of rain.

At 1.9m tall, the New Zealander could see over most of the crowd to his destination. But as the downpour gathered pace, his eyes were suddenly at the mercy of hundreds of bristling spikes: the ends of umbrellas being unfurled around him. Moments later the wind turned one of them inside out, it’s owner struggling to avoid taking Greig’s eye out.

Until the moment Greig set to work on his kitchen table with a glue gun and some kite material, the basic design of the modern umbrella hadn’t changed since 1928. Greig started from scratch to redesign the entire idea of a personal weather protection canopy. The engineer in him worked towards something that would outperform everything on the market, working flawlessly and effortlessly in conditions beyond the capabilities of any umbrella in the world. The designer in him demanded that it must also be elegant and stylish. And the tall guy in him just wanted to make sure the damn things didn’t keep poking him in the face.

The result: The Blunt Umbrella, a uniquely-tensioned canopy combined with a flatter aerodynamic profile, eliminating any sharp edges and weak points. The unflappable structure sits effortlessly in the wind and provides maximum control, even in the most demanding weather conditions.

If today's weather is perfect for anything, it's an outing with one of these beauties. Freshly-arrived at Proper Topper (in blue, red, silver or black) and ready to go for a spin.


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