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wonders never cease Thursday, September 30, 2010

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th, 2010where should i put these?

vintage-suitcases-via-cupofjo Wow, that month of September, I tell ya. GONE. Lickety split. And suddenly it's October, and suddenly we're moving. We see you, October 31st, staring us down in your scary mask. We're packing, we're packing! And, no, we haven't chosen a new spot to land yet. Guess what, Dupont Shop: roomies!

Yeah, we hear you. Not enough closet space for the both of us. So, ahem. Listen up! Announcing: our WRAP-IT-UP SALE! October 9th - October 31st. Say good-bye to our beloved Georgetown Shop. Say hello to some sweet deals, while they last. More details to follow ... soon!


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