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wonders never cease Thursday, September 24, 2009

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th, 2009 goddesses & inspiration

window_4Traveling back from New York yesterday, thoughts of the wonderful creations we'd seen turned to musings about inspiration. Is it magic? How does it come upon us? How do ideas blossom?

Imagine our delight with the newly created window we discovered in our Georgetown shop. Here's what inspired Sara (to the extent we can deconstruct it):

A wonderful hand-carved "kuda" rocking horse that arrived last week. Several newly-arrived books, Goddesses: A World of Myth & Magic, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and How to be An Explorer of the World. And the evocative colors in the shops: emerald and forest greens, burgundies and royal blues, golden yellow.

The rest, we think, was magic. Goddesses_HC_W

In Barefoot Books' "Goddesses," you'll be wooed by strong women figures from cultures and countries both near and far. The beautiful treasury offers entries on over a hundred goddesses, including details about the origins of each, as well as a description of her powers and anecdotes and stories that shed light on her nature.


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