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wonders never cease Thursday, October 22, 2009

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22nd, 2009 who says dc lacks STYLE?

053a7191eac6fc7709fd0514c1c840df bartonseaverShari side view manish3 AllDay_Ade_Sargent_Rd_ kimoy n525075887_1552971_2474 n503367896_3426 n670139604_5822jesseEveryone, that's who, and it drives us NUTS. We see the coolest, most original folks every single day. And yet, working with the NY Fashion Powers That Be, we're constantly advised "oh, that's probably a little too edgy for DC." Or, "I don't know if your customer is ready for this yet." Even style-infused DCists deride their own. We say: Baloney.

Our own local magazines don't help matters when the ladies (and it's always ladies - what about all the great stylish men we see?) featured in DC Best Dressed Lists are always slick, staid products of vanilla department stores.

Earlier this week, The Sartorialist stopped in town to sign his book. He was "surprised" by how stylish the crowd was. Hmmm. We started thinking. We tossed it around with fellow bloggers (that's you, Emily - and Holly and Shakirah and many more). And we started asking: who ARE the most stylish, original, non-label-driven men & women in DC? We've gotten a flood of great nominations thus far (a few of whom are featured above), and we've only just begun.

Submit the names of your style icons here, along with your reasons why, and a photo if possible. Don't be shy - we applaud self-nominators. Nominations will close on November 15th.


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