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wonders never cease Thursday, June 9, 2011

hats off!: nikki.

logoA Hats Off! from Nikki, who sends Father's Day love around the world to the Philippines!
nikkiWhat's your father like?
I call my father "Papa," and sometimes "Pa." He is a very strong-willed, hardworking, understanding, loving person and father!!! He serves as my inspiration---he worked so hard to get where he is now. He made sure that his three children were able to have a wonderful childhood and education, and he instilled values that helped me and my siblings be better people. Most especially, unforgettable memories will always be in my mind and heart wherever I am. That's something that gets me through life while I'm so far away from my family. He makes sure that I know that he loves me no matter what. One thing that I've learned is no matter how old and grown up I am, to my Papa I will always will be his little girl---a very special feeling and bond that only a daughter and a father will understand. He is very sociable, and he makes everyone laugh! His friends, colleagues, and his family are able to rely on him when they need him the most.

nikki_houseHow would you spend Father's Day with him, if you could?
I'm miles and miles away from him, so if I got to spend time with him on Father's Day, that would be a miracle! If I did, we would see a movie of his own choosing (we always like to see movies---I've learned to appreciate every genre of movie because of him), tour some museums, and drive around to check out interesting houses and buildings (we did this a lot before when I was back home). He is an architect, so he appreciates different structures. He likes food and enjoys trying a variety of cuisines, so we would definitely eat somewhere. I'm thinking of Spanish cuisine like paella, which is something that he can cook... Oh, did I forget to say that he is a better cook than my Mama? (Please don't tell her that! It's our secret!)

nikki_poolWe would just have a relaxing and fun day together! Well, if I were back home, we would all go to the beach or enjoy swimming at the pool. He was the one who taught me how to swim and to not be afraid of water. come to think of it, I shouldn't be, since I was born in a tropical country that consists of a lot of islands.

What would his gift be, after the movie-watching and the driving and the swimming?

I love this business card holder with a blueprint!!! (There's a matching money clip, too-) Also, this keychain that says "nice 'stache" is perfect. That moustache has never gone away since I was born. He trims it every now and then, though. When I lived with my parents, I would see him doing that every morning with his kit, while I watched and made fun of him. :)


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