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wonders never cease Thursday, June 16, 2011

hats off!: katherine.

Up next in Dad's Day tributes: we {virtually} meet Katherine's father, a denizen of the Peach State and a pretty fantastic guy.
"Despite being denied the chance to be a scout with my dad and brother, I think I've shared a remarkable number of common interests with my dad over the years."
rhumbaLike what?
He is my primary editor, original dance instructor, first cycling coach, and frequent problem solver. But nothing gets us more excited than our love of music! We sing together at top volumes in the car, send each other new songs weekly, and can really rock out together at concerts. We even have running lists of our life in songs, with many tunes overlapping.
carradioTo me, Brad Bryant---that's my dad---is the ideal 'people person.' He gets along with everyone, jumps at the chance to help others, and has a true gift for connecting people. He provides a glowing example of what it means to love others. In his work, life, and faith, he is passionate, wise and patient. I aspire to be more like him daily!
How would you spend Father's Day, if you could spend it together?
If I could uproot him for just a day, we'd head to Rhode Island and enjoy the incredible Folk Fest at Newport. I'd pack a picnic of all his favorites---grapes, hot tamales, iceberg lettuce, and bubble gum. gross.---and we would listen to music all day long.


What would you give him on this culinary adventure of a picnic?
I have always struggled to pick that perfect gift for my Dad. His favorite might be a sock monkey that I crafted for him one summer during high school! I think this year I will go for the record inspired coasters. This southern fellow never sits anywhere far from a big ol' glass of sweet tea, and what better way to remind him of the love of music he shares with his sweet pea.


"He has been the best dad---but now, even better, he gets to be a grandfather too ('Grad')!"


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