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wonders never cease Thursday, January 20, 2011

THURSDAY, JANUARY 20th, 2011show us your layers: cornel.

Characters from literary fiction. Parfaits. Onions. Ogres. Fashion. What do they all have?

Layers.cornellayer And as we're battling winter's chill, sartorial layering is EXTREMELY important. Having to withstand freezing temperatures is no excuse to look like a slouch, so we thought we'd check in with some of our favorite folks to see how they're keeping warm in style. First up: our very own Cornel, recently emigrated from South Africa, where a typical winter's day brings temperatures in the 60s. THE SIXTIES. Quite different here, where we would KILL for the balmy heat of a 60-degree day right now. So. Let's start with scarves:
Sometimes one just won't do, so why not try a combo of a chunky knit and a luxurious cashmere? But wait! There's more!
You'll need a hat, too, of course. A woolen one. From Canada. That's cute. Done. And finally, hand-knit fingerless gloves.
Et voilГЎ: the perfect recipe for an Afrikaaner to stay warm in DC. (We're looking forward to Cornel showing us a thing or two about beating the heat, come summer...)


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