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wonders never cease Thursday, January 13, 2011

THURSDAY, JANUARY 13th, 2011report from the fashion front: starting at the top.

jane.tran.pleatedjane.tran.featherclipjane.tran.hbjane.tran.frameflowerFresh from NY Fashion Market {Summer/Pre-Fall 2011 edition}, we're pleased to present some tasty teasers. First up: frilly fascinators & saucy whimsies. Very "important" this season, designers urge, because of impending royal wedding. ("Important" and "fascinator" just can't be uttered believably in same breath.) Are we to wear them with our fanciest pjs whilst watching middle-of-the-night live coverage? Well, we just might. But we'll definitely wear them (like these delicious beauties from Jane Tran, arriving in March) for no reason in particular. An amusing head is its own reward.


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