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wonders never cease Thursday, February 3, 2011

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd, 2011 show us your layers: emily.

suyl_emilyEmily is a Chicago native who works for PBS having fun with kids all day---and she moonlights for Proper Topper a few times a week. She was kind enough to show us her layers...

How would you describe your layering practice?
It's all about layers! One of my favorite things about winter is being able to wear sweaters, scarves, boots, etc...Winter fashion is so cute and cozy! I much prefer it to summer's "how to wear the least amount of clothes possible" requirement.

What's your favorite winter accessory?
I indulge myself with fancy Smartwool socks. My toes get cold! Also, fingerless gloves are amazingly convenient for using my iPhone.
How does DC's variety of cold compare to what you grew up with?
I'm from Chicago originally, which, as I write this, is preparing to be buried under 30 inches of snow. So...I'm definitely hardened to colder/snowier climates. This is my 7th winter in DC, and while it’s more mild than Chicago, the lack of snow plows and emergency preparedness can sometimes make it more challenging.
Can you show us your {inner} layers?
I was one of those strange kids who got into politics in elementary school and always had a feeling I would end up in Washington somehow. Beyond politics & global health/women's rights type stuff—I’m also interested in technology, new media, education policy, and games.

I work as a project coordinator with PBS KIDS Interactive—where we produce and serve up awesome, fun, safe, and educational online experiences for kids. In September 2010 we launched Webonauts Academy, a new game from PBS KIDS GO! teaching digital citizenship and media literacy for kids 8-10. It’s such a crucial topic to introduce, especially before middle school—it was an honor to help develop content and strategy for PBS KIDS on this subject.

Agreed! Great style and great causes. Now...give us a twirl!


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