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wonders never cease Thursday, February 17, 2011

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17th, 2011calling all play lists.

You may have noticed that we've missed our last two scheduled play list postings, but here's the thing: we're having a sale, we were bustling like mad for Valentine's Day, and we're getting so many nifty new things in the shop that it's hard to keep up. (And also, this week, our fearless play list master is on a much-deserved holiday.) But enough with the excuses. We are asking you, dear readers, for suggestions for next week's play list. Simply comment on this post (or on facebook or twitter) with a suggestion for a play list theme and/or a song or two. If your theme is chosen, or if we include your song, you'll receive a CD of the finished play list and everlasting glory and fame (on this blog). Aaaaand...GO!
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